Back up your WordPress Database or lose it

wp-db-backup(Note: This post is intended for those who host their own WordPress installations, not those who use

I have a regular monthly meetup with a couple other new media minded friends and today an interesting topic arose. All of use use WordPress to host one or more of our blogs. During the conversation we fell upon the topic of WordPress Database backups. If you use WordPress, it is imperative that back up this database regularly as it contains all your blog content.

Unlike a typical web site made from static HTML pages, WordPress stores all of its content in an SQL database. If you are new to WordPress, or your blog was set up by your web designer, you might not even realize this. This is where a lot of people run into trouble. Typically, it isn’t very easy to back up this database, even though it is critical. Most explanations talk about logging into the database using phpMyAdmin and performing a manual series of steps. This is clearly beyond the abilities of many bloggers, who just want to write their blog, not become a sysadmin, as well.

That said, there is an easy way to backup your WordPress Database and store it away for safekeeping — automatically. WordPress Database Backup is a great plugin that works automatically and will even email you your database so it can be backed up with your normal PC files. In my case, I setup a seperate Gmail address that collects and stores these backups in case I ever need them.

While the WordPress database is extremely important, you will also want to back up all the WordPress files in your blog directory using standard FTP tools. These contains all the source code, theme files, plugins and more that allow your blog to operate in conjunction with the database.

Backup your WordPress database today and regularly. If you don’t know how to do it, contact your web designer or web host and have them assist you. You don’t want to lose your blog to a preventable error.

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PodCampAZ is rapidly approaching and I am speaking again this year!

podcampazOnWhite286x100For the 3rd year in a row, I will be speaking at PodCampAZ, (November 14 & 15, 2009) which I consider to be the premiere New Media event for the Southwest. Even better, it’s FREE!

I will presenting on 2 topics this year:

My Podcasting Workflow – Audio and Video – A Real World Example

Need some help getting your podcast started. Join veteran podcaster Douglas E. Welch as he takes you through his audio and video podcast process, including discussion on recording, editing, hosting, RSS and more. This is a “Real World Example” showing you the process Douglas has developed over years of podcasting and offering you lessons learned in the trenches.

Stay in control of your RSS feed

In order to maintain complete control over your podcast you need to guard access to your RSS feeds religiously. While services such as Feedburner and others can greatly enhance your podcasting RSS feeds, you need to take some basic steps to maintain control in case your RSS service disappears or tries to control your RSS feed. Learn how web site re-directs, WordPress press plugins and more can help you maintain control over your RSS feeds and keep your podcast in your hands.

As you can see, I am concentrating on some of the nuts and bolts aspects of getting your podcast going. After doing this for 5 years, I understand how fun, important, enlightening, podcasting can be and I want to share that power with everyone.

About PodCampAZ…

It’s that time of year again – PodCamp AZ is coming to the University of Advancing Technology November 14th and 15th! PodCampAZ is a FREE networking media unconference, dedicated to blogging, video blogging, podcasting, social networking, and all other relevant media. At the heart of the unconference is the opportunity to have a conversation at large with those innovators which have created a successful blend of relevant media and put it to work for them. Speakers will address emerging trends and best practices on everything from print and radio to mobile, interactive web, and in real life information exchange. During PodCamp sessions, attendees are free to drop in, listen and learn about what is relevant to their needs, and if they choose to, move on to other sessions. You can also become an interactive part of the experience by sharing your knowledge as a speaker or stimulating ideas and asking questions as an active attendee.

If you are an established or aspiring blogger, podcaster, video blogger, or social media advocote and want to meet hundreds of people with the same interests, head over to to get more information about this exciting event. And above all else, register to attend PodCamp AZ!