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    A collection of New Media items I found interesting this week.

Job Listings – Now available directly from WelchWrite.com

WelchWrite.com now has its own Job Listings, in association with Jobamatic.com.


I have been looking for a way to offer quality job opportunities for a while and Jobamatic, in coordination with Feedburner, finally provided me an easy-to-use answer.Even better, if you have jobs to offer, you can now list your jobs directly with Career Opportunities and they will be seen by hundreds of interested people, every day.


Post a Job! $40 for 30 days

Podcasting: The New Radio, The New Television, The New World

Podcasting: The New Radio, The New Television, The New World

Learn all about podasting with founding podcaster, Douglas E. Welch

Saturday, May 26, 2007 @ 3 PM

Sherman Oaks Branch, Los Angeles Public Library
14245 Moorpark St., Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 – (818) 205-9716


Learn about the thousands of shows available for your entertainment and education, all of them delivered right to your own computer…for FREE.

Enjoy shows by major media producers such as NPR, BBC, National Geographic, The Wall Street Journal and CNN.

Discover great new shows produced by people just like you! Your neighbor might just be a podcast star!

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Podcasting for Writers at UCLA Extension

Today the UCLA Extension calendar for Summer 2007 was released to the public. Among the offerings is our new class, Podcasting for Writers — a 10-week online course.

If you, or someone you know, would like to join us for this class, here is the complete information.

Rosanne and I are really looking forward to the class.

Podcasting for Writers (Online)
X 430.27 Film & Television 3 units $525Podcasting has given writers direct access to a worldwide audience and freed them from absolute dependency on television networks, radio stations, and publishers to buy and market their work. To the audience, podcasting is “what you want, where you want it, when you want it,” while to the podcast creator and producer, it is the ultimate creative freedom. This course covers the current state of this new medium; the basics of writing for it; and strategies for publicizing your podcast and expanding your readers, viewers, and listeners. Guest speakers available via audio and video podcast interviews, live interactive podcasts, and video conferences introduce you to the variety of ways you can use the medium. The course goal is to develop your own podcast based on individual professional or personal needs, interests, and goals. For technical requirements click here. Enrollment limited to 18 students. Additional technical requirements: Students need a recording device with microphone that is compatible with their computer; built-in microphones on laptops are acceptable. Students must have Apple iTunes software and access to audio recording software, such as Audacity or Apple GarageBand, to perform course exercises. High-speed Internet connection is required.

Course Open Reg# T3254U

No Textbook Required

Online Course
July 5 – September 6
$55 nonrefundable.

Rosanne Welch, writer/producer; WGA member whose credits include five seasons as staff writer, executive story editor, and producer on the CBS series Touched by an Angel. Ms. Welch also has written for Fox Broadcasting’s Beverly Hills, 90210; Picket Fences for CBS and David E. Kelly Productions; and is the author of The Encyclopedia of Women in Aviation and Space.

Douglas E. Welch, writer and computer consultant, whose work has been published in Wired, MacWorld, and Los Angeles Times. Mr. Welch is a member of Friends in Tech, and produced his first show, Career Opportunities, in 2004. He has written and produced over 300 individual episodes and conducts podcasting seminars for schools and businesses.

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Incoming Project off the starboard bow!

So, I happened across the possibility of doing some podcast production for a educational institution with which my wife and I have a relationship. They have an upcoming event in June and I have pitched recording this event in audio, and perhaps, video. As of a few minutes ago, it looks like this first big podcast production project is a tentative yes.

I think that following this project as it matures will be a great start for Careers in Podcasting. I’ll be able to share the “real world” in’s and out’s with you as we move through the process.

Stay tuned!

Paid gigs in podcasting? Here’s one from Craigslist…

I have no ideas how much these folks are offering, but only a little searching turned up this hit and many others. I also know one podcaster personally who parlayed his own podcast into a production job for a major entertainment company.

There are careers and money out there to be made.

Video and audio podcast producers

Reply to: job-323926398@craigslist.org
Date: 2007-05-03, 8:50PM EDTVideo and audio podcast producers required for a variety of business to business assignments. Work will involve filming/recording proceedings, direction, editing and file creation for podcatching distribution. Please provide details of experience, hourly rates and examples of work.

What is “Careers in Podcasting?”

Careers in Podcasting is a spinoff of my existing weekly column, blog and podcast, Career Opportunities. In my role as a computer consultant, I am finding more and more opportunities for helping others develop, record and produce their podcasts. I am also finding that many people want to have a podcast, but they don’t want to deal with the technology necessary to create it.

I think this provides a great opportunity for folks like myself to build entire new careers around facilitating podcasting and allowing anyone, technology-minded or not, to get their message out.