Los Angeles Podcasters (Fiction Writers and Performers) Meetup – Sherman Oaks

Met a lot of nice podcasting people last night at this new Meetup, right here near the house. While this was labelled a meetup for fiction and performance-based podcasting, there were a lot of non-fiction folks and a host of technical questions getting discussed.

It was great having a Meetup like this right near the house. We could have walked if it hadn’t been so warm. Over the years, I have gotten tired of driving over the hill to attend this or that Meetup.

Here are some pictures from the evening. I hope to hold another one of these in a month. I’m planning on setting up some tables by the type of podcasting people are interested in and also one for technical questions so we can all get our questions answered and find people we can collaborate with.

IMG 0264\

IMG 0260

IMG 0259

IMG 0257

IMG 0263

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