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The Promise - Cover and interior

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I have a few Kindle books of my own, so I was familiar with the process, but when my wife and her writing partner came to me to produce their children’s book, The Promise, as a print-on-demand title, it took a bit more effort. I had already shot and designed the cover for the Kindle book, so that was easily re-used — although it did take some redesign to fit the format of the Creatspace service (now owned by Amazon).

Createspace has some decent templates for laying out the text of their books, so it only took a few iterations  of edit and test before we found something that worked.

Now that I have produced this book, I am contemplated releasing print versions of my own career-realted ebooks in a similar format. I figure I might as well put my new-found knowledge to work.

If you aren’t researching print-on-demand for your project, I highly recommend it. The days of being stuck with a garage full of books (costing hundreds of dollars) is over. Print books as you sell them and use the power of Createspace and Amazon to produce and deliver them directly to your readers.

That said, we recently purchased 2 boxes of books for school presentations Rosanne and Dawn are doing this month, so it easy (and relatively cheap) to order books for your own, face-to-face sales.

Print Edition | Kindle Edition

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