Elsewhere: Google Chromecast Now Streams Pandora to Your TV

As New Media has developed over the last several years, it has always been one of my biggest concerns that this media be easily available on as many platforms and through as many sources as possible, but especially through the television that sits in nearly everyone’ s home. The burgeoning availability if devices like the ChromecastRoku, AppleTV and more are very important in this regard. They make new media available to more and more people in easier and easier ways. Seeing services like Pandora and others easily available using your smartphone or tablet is an important step in giving New Media a parity to other media types and make it just as easily accessible.

I can say I have been very happy with my Chromecast and it has become the go-to device for streaming YouTube, Netflix, Pandora and Songza to my big screen LCD television. As a long time podcaster, I look forward to a method of streaming podcasts directly to it in the future.

Google Chromecast Now Streams Pandora to Your TV

Music-streaming service Pandora is finally offering support for Google’s Chromecast device, which plugs into any HDTV to stream online videos and music, controlled from your tablet or smartphone.

Chromecast users can access Pandora starting now via the free Android and iOS mobile app update. The $35 HDMI dongle, which debuted this summer, already supports Vimeo, Redbox Instant, Netflix, YouTube and Hulu Plus. Compatibility with HBO is also reportedly in the works.

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Google Chromecast Now Streams Pandora to Your TV

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