Subscribed 34: Total Biscuit: The Cynical Brit – The UK’s #1 Variety Gaming Commentator

Subscribed 34: Total Biscuit: The Cynical Brit – The UK’s #1 Variety Gaming Commentator

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It seems I am bouncing between my food subscriptions and my gaming subscriptions lately in this series. I guess that shows where my viewing preferences lie. The two categories are almost diametrically opposed and yet I enjoy them both deeply.

Total Biscuit lives up to his nickname of ” The Cynical Brit” in his reviews, let’s play videos and commentary. I think I like him so much because he is not afraid to be honest, sometimes brutally so. Of course, the British accent helps to make the, sometimes harsh, medicine go down. He engages in such honesty, though, to help make sure gamers have the best experiences possible with the games they buy, avoid the lousy ones and tell you when even a highly reviewed game is lacking in a few areas (witness his recent review of Bioshock Infinite.

Total Biscuit has a variety of regularly scheduled shows including the WTF is… series, which introduces you to new games on the market, The Content Patch, with gaming news and information. his lifestreams and his Starcraft II commentary of professional and amateur matches of that online game.

As always, my son introduced me to Total Biscuit and after watching a few episodes I subscribed on YouTube so all his shows appear in my daily newsfeed.

 Looking for lots of gaming information and reviews? Check out Total Biscuit.

What are some of your favorite Subscriptions? Share them here in the comments!

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