New Project: Author Introduction videos for Authors Marketing Agency

As part of my new work focus, I started a new New Media project last week with a trip to the Palm Springs area to record author introductions for the Authors Marketing Agency. These 3 videos are the first results of that project.

I think that authors (and anyone who seeks to build their business or sell their products) needs to be producing videos of all sorts in order to fulfill my mantra of “Showing people what you do and how well you do it.” In today’s world, this is the best way of attracting opportunity TO you instead of constantly having to seek them out.

Videos — and blogs and podcasts and newsletters and more — work for you 24/7, even when you are sleeping. They are your surrogates in the online world — explaining your concepts, detailing your products, sharing your knowledge — even when you can’t be there in person.

Whether you create your online content yourself, or hire someone to help you with it, it is so important that you create and share it. If you would like assistance in marketing your books, please contact the Authors Marketing Agency for assistance.

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