Here is someone to hire for your New Media projects! – Mat Luschek

Mat “Langley” Luschek

New Media producer (and fellow Ohio transplant) Mat Luschek is looking for work and you would be lucky to have him. Mat was recently laid off from his position as Online Media Producer for NBC Bay Area in San Francisco and would like to find a New Media position in the Bay Area, Los Angeles Area, Seattle, WA or Portland, Oregon.

Mat is knowledgeable about the new media (and mainstream media) world and would be a great addition to any team looking to increase and improve their New Media presence. He is a writer, producer, host and also technically savvy in the New Media tools required for such a position. He is also an experienced and artistic photographer.

Combine these skills with his natural inventiveness and outgoing personality and you have someone who can address your New Media needs in many different ways.

Find out more about Mat via his LinkedIn profile and then drop him an email or give him a call. It could be the best thing you’ve done for your show, startup or established company in a long time!

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