News: Google Analytics adds suite of strong social media reports

Browsing through my Google Reader feed this morning I came across this article…

Using Google Analytics Social Reports To Measure Your Website Content And Engagement in Google+

It deals a host of new social media tracking reports that provide an amazing amount of detail on how various social media sites are driving traffic to your web properties i.e. blog, web site, store.

You can find the new reports under Standard Reporting, Traffic Sources, Social…

Ga social

It can be a bit daunting to locate and use these reports, as powerful tools can often be a bit hard to use. Still, I was able to reach in an tease out some very detailed information about which sites are sending traffic to my web site and exactly what they articles they are linking to. You can slice and dice the information in a number of ways which I have only just begun to discover.

If you use Google Analytics, check out these new reports. I am sure you will find a wealth of information there about how social media is effecting your web efforts.

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