Give “Social Media Self Preservation” as a gift

Do you have a friend who needs to use social media more productively — or just needs some help getting started?

Consider gifting them a copy of my booklet, Social Media Self Preservation.

You’ll find a “Give was a Gift” link on the Amazon page.


Here is what they will find inside the 7100 word booklet…


Introduction: Why Social Media?

  • Chapter 1: Which social networks should you join?
    • Be Found!
    • Reserving your name
    • A few social networks to get you started
  • Chapter 2: How to decide who to include in your online community
    • It is all about value
    • Where to begin building your online community?
  • Chapter 3: Maintaining your online community
    • Re-evaluation
    • No longer needed
    • People Change
    • Too much information
    • Information you can find elsewhere
  • Chapter 4: What to share online
    • Share your knowledge and expertise
    • Share your work
    • …but my work is secret!
    • Share your life
    • Balance in your social media sharing

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