Recently Listened Podcasts for April 12, 2011

TA: Street Politics and Tahrir Square Thinking Allowed BBC Radio 4 Street

Politics: protests, policing, revolution and just getting about – Leif Jerram and John Clarke discuss how the geography of cities have contributed to the development of society. Laurie also talks to Jeffrey Alenxander about ‘perfoming’ the… 28:12 4/7/11 5:18 AM

Entrepreneurs Can Be Authentic Without Getting Naked The Bigg Success Show The Bigg Success Show Life On Your Own Terms 6:39 4/5/11 12:18 AM

April 2, 2011: The Splendid Table APM: The Splendid Table American Public Media

We’re pondering the food supply of the future with Raj Patel author of The Value of Nothing, Jane and Michael Stern are at The White Hut in Springfield, MA, and we ask the question – why are there no famous female chefs? 51:55 4/1/11 10:08 AM

IOT: The Bhagavad Gita 31 Mar 11 In Our Time With Melvyn Bragg BBC Radio 4

The Bhagavad Gita, a 700-verse section of the Sanskrit epic the Mahabharata, is one of the most revered texts of Hinduism. Written in around 200 BC, it narrates a conversation between Krishna, an incarnation of the deity, and the Pandava prince… 41:54 3/31/11 4:48 AM

TA: Mafias and Live Music Thinking Allowed BBC Radio 4

Does organised crime really spread into new territories? Federico Varese tells Laurie about the capacities and limitation of the Mafia. Also live music has overtaken recorded in terms of revenue – Simon Frith and Martin Cloonan tell Laurie why…. 28:06 3/30/11 9:47 AM

March 26, 2011: The Splendid Table APM: The Splendid Table American Public Media

This week we’re taking a look back at Britain’s culinary groundbreaker, Elizabeth David with Ruth Reichl, Jane and Michael Stern are at The Southern Kitchen in New Market, VA, wine with Joshua Wesson brings us his short list of wines that are sure to becom 52:01 3/25/11 11:40 AM

99% Invisible-20- Nikko Concrete Commando 99% Invisible Roman Mars

In 2001, Delfin Vigil was walking the streets of San Francisco and ran  across the name “Nikko” carved into the concrete sidewalk. After seeing … 6:53 3/24/11 10:39 PM

Thundersnow In My Head : GardenFork Radio GardenFork Radio Eric Rochow

Comments and questions: 860-740-6938 call us! Mike and Eric talk about thundersnow, bicycle seat height adjustment, the vernal equinox, how to make soft cheese, making sweet and sour cabbage, a crashed hive, watching web video on your HDTV, 47:14 3/24/11 6:41 PM

Germ-free Dirty Hippies Stuff To Blow Your Mind

It’s been said that cleanliness is close to godliness, but is it possible for a person to be too clean? In this episode, Julie and Robert analyze the relationship between hygiene, bacteria and health. Tune in to learn more. 28:11 3/24/11 10:39 AM

IOT: The Dawn of the Iron Age 24 Mar 11 In Our Time With Melvyn Bragg BBC Radio 4

In around 3000 BC European metalworkers started to make tools and weapons out of bronze. A complex trading network evolved to convey this valuable metal and other goods around the continent. But two millennia later, a new skill arrived from the Middle… 41:56 3/24/11 4:45 AM

TA: 23 march 11 New North Thinking Allowed BBC Radio 4

Professor Laurie Taylor discusses the influence of the 19th Century Temperance Movement and examines the notion of power and prosperity shifting to the frozen North…. 28:13 3/23/11 11:39 AM

Entrepreneurs Can Be Too Skinny The Bigg Success Show The Bigg Success Show Life on Your Own Terms 4:43 3/22/11 12:39 AM

99% Invisible-19X- RJDJ Reactive Music 99% Invisible Roman Mars

This week, the radio audience heard episode #10, but for you web and  podcast listeners, I have a story I did about a year … 9:29 3/20/11 11:21 PM

March 19, 2011: The Splendid Table APM: The Splendid Table American Public Media

We’re looking at Mexican – Jewish food traditions with Chef Patricia Jinich, of PBS’s Pati’s Mexican Table, New York Time’s columnist Melissa Clark introduces us to her very suave and very easy recipe for Shrimp Bisque, Jane and Michael Stern are at Cupca 51:39 3/18/11 10:14 AM

IOT: The Medieval University 17th March 2011 In Our Time With Melvyn Bragg BBC Radio 4

Melvyn Bragg and his guests discuss the medieval universities. In the 11th and 12th centuries a new type of institution started to appear in the major cities of Europe. The first universities were those of Bologna and Paris; within a hundred years… 41:42 3/17/11 4:13 AM

Barrie Craig Confidental Investigator ” Dead On Arrival” Old Time Radio Detectives Humphrey OTR

Barrie Craig Confidential Investigator “Dead On Arrival” 11/14/51 30:27 3/10/11 4:56 PM

99% Invisible-14- Periodic Table 99% Invisible Roman Mars

Everyone knows it when they see it. The classic “castle with turrets”  periodic table is a beautiful and concise icon that contains a great … 6:00 2/10/11 4:11 PM

mozart: Prog. 1 Objects: Mozart’s Watch A History of Mozart in a Dozen Objects BBC Radio 3

Cliff Eisen introduces the first in a series of programmes exploring Mozart’s world through objects associated with him. Today: Mozart’s watch…. 9:31 2/3/11 8:48 PM




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