Workshop: Podcasting and New Media for Writers: One-Day Seminar – June 6, 2009

Podcasting and New Media for Writers: One-Day Seminar
791.888   Film & Television $125

Podcasting and various other forms of new media have given writers direct access to a worldwide audience and freed them from absolute dependency on television networks, radio stations, and publishers to buy and market their work. To the audience, podcasting and new media provide “what you want, where you want it, when you want it,” while to the content creator and producer, they offer ultimate creative freedom. This one-day introductory course covers basic questions like: What is new media? And why do writers need to be involved in it now? The course introduces the students to the basics of writing for new media; covers strategies for publicizing work in new media; and expanding their readers, viewers, listeners, and followers. Basics of audio/video recording and editing are discussed as well as associated technology (RSS feeds, websites, blogs) and alternatives to podcasting, including YouTube, Utterli, Twitter, and Seismic. New media allows writers to speak directly to their audience, wherever they might be, at costs approaching zero. If you could have your own audio book label or television or radio station, why wouldn’t you? Advance enrollment required; no enrollment at the door.

Course Open Reg# U8489U

No Textbook Required

UCLA:  175 Dodd Hall
Saturday ,  9:30am-5pm
June 6 , 1  mtg.

Rosanne Welch, writer/producer; WGA member whose credits include five seasons as staff writer, executive story editor, and producer on the CBS series Touched by an Angel. Ms. Welch also has written for Fox Broadcasting’s Beverly Hills, 90210; Picket Fences for CBS and David E. Kelly Productions.

Douglas E. Welch, writer and computer analyst, whose work has been published in Wired, MacWorld, and Los Angeles Times. Mr. Welch is a member of LA Podcasters and Friends in Tech and produced his first show, Career Opportunities, in 2004. He has written and produced over 300 individual episodes and conducts podcasting seminars for schools and businesses.

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