A Web Radio Intervention – It’s time to get out…please!

A word to the streaming web radio providers around the world who stream predominantly music. This is an intervention. You are in an abusive relationship. In order to preserve your life and sanity, you need to realize this fact and get out. Please remember, we’re only saying this because we love you.

Despite what you might be telling yourself, the RIAA, BMI, music producers, etc don’t really love you. They don’t love you when you help to sell their artists music. They don’t love you when you help introduce listeners to new artists and new styles of music. They especially don’t love when you play their music for free (or cheap).

I know, I know. You always tell me, “They’re not that bad when they aren’t being greedy!”, but how often does that occur these days. How often are they not on a bender against you, Guitar Hero, peer-to-peer file sharing or sending lawsuits hither and yon? When are the good times you talk about?

Here is the truth about your relationship with the music industry…

  • The don’t love you. They never loved you. They equate you with an infected pimple on the backside of their business.
  • They see you as profiteers and pirates, stealing their hard earned work and providing nothing in return.
  • They will never find an “equitable payment plan” for you, even though they have one for terrestrial radio, because they fervently wish you didn’t exist.
  • They don’t care about you, your listeners, the striving musicians you help. They only care about trying to maintain the status quo that is rapidly slipping from their grasp.
  • You can’t change them. They can only change themselves, but it seems they must destroy themselves first before they can re-emerge into the 21st Century.
  • Take the kids, take the car, take the computer and get out! Separating yourself is the only way to break this abusive relationship — the only thing that will force some change on the side of big music.

It’s painful, I know, but your life will be better for the trouble. Heck, join us over here on the podcasting side of the house where musicians and broadcasters work for the win/win instead of the win/screwed.

I know of several resources to help you out in this trying time. Drop me a line once you have escaped and we can explore your options.

In deepest friendship and care…


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