New Show: Mean Mommies Club

I helped (a little) in getting Megan, Valerie and Erin’s new show, Mean Mommies Club up and running today. If you are a parent, or thinking of becoming one, check it out. Here is some info from their web site about their first episode, “Crying it out” .

1. Introductions: Megan, Valerie and Erin
2. Discussion of our motto
We are mean mommies because…
We don’t give in to temper tantrums.
We make you eat healthy food.
We are ruthless with time outs.
We are mean mommies because…
We are not raising kids,
We are raising responsible adults.

3. The Rules for ourselves on the show – don’t dis hubby’s or friends, above all respect! This isn’t a complaint session it’s a discussion.
4. We love the Mean Daddies
5. Megan’s encounter with Target employee during a time out.
6. Does “crying it out” cause Brain Damage?
Dr. Mike at Pediacast
7. Major thanks to the following for helping Megan with her techtard questions. This show could not have been posted with out the help of the following people:
Jason Tucker
Douglas E. Welch
Chris Moody
8. Also thanks to Megan’s husband Craig for recording our contact information.