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Walking a path that, perhaps, was not the path for us – End of the Day for July 21, 2014

July 21st, 2014 Comments off

End of the day Logo

Originally posted to the End of the Day series on My Word with Douglas E. Welch

Sometime this afternoon, I looked up at the clock on the wall and said, ” I don’t remember the days going by this fast when I worked in an office.” Indeed, I don’t. It seemed that days would drag by as I performed one tedious task or another. As much as I liked parts of my past jobs, there were more parts that I loathed — and even wondered why they existed at all. Such is the nature of work, I guess. If you aren’t doing something that interests you, personally, in some fundamental way, it will seem boring and tedious. 

Of course, some of what I was doing today was tedious, too, but there was some underlying reason for the performing the tasks that would, hopefully, result in some change, some improvement, some earning. These reasons can help you push through those difficult periods when things just simply MUST be done, whether you want to do them or not. Now, you wouldn’t want to spend your entire, career or life doing only these tasks, but if you can find that little grain of NEED in the task, you can get it over and done with. Then you can move on to something else.

Along the path, St Fagans Museum of Welsh Life

At age 50, I often wonder if I waited far too long to finally have the time and space to do the work I am doing now. This is the first time in my life I have been able to truly focus on particular goals in my life without the constraints (well, fewer constraints) than I had earlier in life. There has been many times in my past when I was feeling I was progressing down a new, better road only to have my attentions diverted into more necessary, productive and “normal” activities. Each time this happened, I did what needed to be done, but I think I lost a little bit of myself — a piece, a peace, and energy which I will never get back. You can create the best world you can today, but I wonder sometimes if it can or will ever be as good as it could have been, had I started down the path earlier in life.

You’ll never know if this is the case. Nor will I. A quote of unknown origin comes mind. “Life can only lived forwards, but only understood backwards.” In many cases, I think this is deep cause of the regret we often feel in our lives. Somehow we feel that path that led us to this location is the path we should have followed. All we can do, though, is take the next fork in the road and do the best we can.

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Motivational art from Gapingvoid Art and Hugh MacLeod

June 16th, 2014 Comments off

I am not usually a great consumer of traditional motivation posters and such. Too much off it comes off as traditional and rather meaningless cheerleading at best and claptrap at its worst. Several years ago, though, i discovered Gapingvoid and Hugh MacLeod’s art and have been following him ever since. I am subscribed to his web site and his daily newsletter which brings  bit of the Gapingvoid magic into my world every day. Hugh has a sensibility about work and careers that closely matches my own and I easily find myself and my thoughts in his artwork. You should definitely check out Gapingvoid when you have a free moment. I think you will find some excellent material there, both visual and textual, that will make you think — which I consider one of the biggest gifts that any art can give.

Gapingvoid has a series of products available directly from their web site, but they also sell T-shirts directly via, where I am an affiliate. Why not bring a little joy and deep thought into both your life and the lives of those around you, by carrying a Gapingvoid message with you always. I hope you’ll find something here that resonates with you, as it does with me. A small portion of each Amazon sale goes directly towards supporting Career Opportunities.

Gapingvoid T-Shirts on

Gapingvoid tshirts

Click for closeups and pricing.

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Networking should be an integral part of your life… from the Career Opportunities Podcast

June 10th, 2014 Comments off

Networking quote

Networking, and other career-building efforts, should be an integral part of your life, not something you strap onto the side. Instead of worrying about numbers or specific people, learn to engage others, all others, in conversation. If you can do this with any regularity, you will find that the quantity and the quality of the people you meet will take care of itself.

Career Opportunities Podcast with Douglas E. Welch
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Careers: We all have something to say… from the Career Opportunities Podcast

June 2nd, 2014 Comments off

Careers You have something to say

The fact is, we all have something to say and, more importantly, there are others out there in the world who want to hear it. This could be one of most defining aspects of your career, too. It is by actively sharing our information that we gain experience, network connections, friendships, new jobs and more. If you are constantly “hiding your light under a bushel”, how do you expect others to get to know you? More importantly, how do you expect to grow as an entrepreneur or employee? Be proud of what you know and show it by sharing it with others.

From “You have a lot to say!”, Career Opportunities Podcast — Read/Listen to this essay

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Not ready to retire…in any way! – End of the Day for May 16, 2014

May 16th, 2014 Comments off

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Originally published as part of End of the Day from My Word with Douglas E. Welch

A new phrase has entered my vocabulary this year as I turned 50. Despite the deluge of AARP applications, high fiber cereal coupons and other old age mailings — and the fact that I can joke about being old on occasion — I am not ready to retire in any way, shape or form. Whether professionally, personally, musically, socially, and dare I say it, sexually, I have no plans on “retiring” any time soon — and neither should you.

In the past, 50 might have indeed seemed like midlife, with everything downhill from there. Life spans were shorter and attitudes were quite different. Retirement at 65 was an almost universal trait in companies and corporations and many people — usually men — stated seeing a gold watch and a rocking chair on the horizon. Today, though, barring major diseases or injuries we can live, and live well, far into our 90’s and beyond. I feel I still have many, many years ahead of me and much, much to accomplish.

Sure, you might retire from your “work”, if it wasn’t something you really were passionate about. Leaving the drudgery of a 9-5 job, worked only to provide money for survival, but I hope that most of us have better work than that in our lives. Leaving a job like that would be a relief and open up time for more interesting and productive “work” of your own choosing.

Oberlin College Visit - Love the rocking chairs for studying

While I certainly am changing focus in my life, I don’t really feel as if I am slowing down. Rather I am concentrating my attention on those things that really matter to me — educating others in all of my specialties, enjoying my family life (Joseph will be off to college in just 2 years, and those years will pass in the blink of an eye, and ridding myself of clutter in my life, my work, and my mind. In same ways, I am even busier than I was before, just in different ways and on different projects. I will say this, too. I am enjoying myself a lot more than I have in years. It can be tough to make money and earn a living, but the challenge is making me think and grow like never before.

Sure, I can foresee a time when Ma and Pa Welch sit side-by-side in their rocking chairs wondering how the grandchildren are doing in college, but it seems a long way off. When that time comes, I will accept it wholeheartedly, as I have with every other stage in my life. By then I will probably be ready for a little quiet time and relaxation, but who knows. I could also see myself dropping dead while teaching someone something,  surrounded by “students” of all ages. I think that would be a great way to go — sharing my knowledge, my thoughts, my ideas until the very last. I know my thoughts would turn to a job well done and a life well-lived.

Until then, though, it is time to keep moving forward to bigger, better and perhaps, more fun projects!

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Speaking: Douglas speaks on “A Year of Opportunity” at Tuesdays with Transitioners, February 18 @ 12 Noon, Northridge, CA

January 21st, 2014 Comments off

Dew 2013

I’ll be speaking to one of my favorite groups, Tuesdays with Transitioners on “A Year of Opportunity”, a topic based on my recent Career Opportunities column of the same name.

When: Tuesday, February 18, 2014 – 12 Noon – 2 pm [RSVP here

Where: Tuesdays with Transitioners, Congregational Church of Northridge, 9659 Balboa Boulevard, Northridge, CA [Map]


Year opportunity

A Year of Opportunity

Every year Douglas E. Welch selects a theme for his long-running column and podcast, Career Opportunities. This year, Douglas believes it is “A Year of Opportunity”

Building a successful career in 2014 requires that we focus on 3 things this year, including:

  1. Attracting Opportunity
  2. Recognizing Opportunity
  3. Accepting Opportunity

Attracting opportunity to you begins with telling my those around you “what you do and how well you do it.” This can take many forms, but in today’s world it usually starts with social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. If you develop good connections, share great information and generally help those connected to you, you can’t help but attract opportunity to you.

Thomas Edison is quoted as saying “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” This is still true today. Work that expands our lives and careers should be sought out and embraced, even if there is a bit of hard work involved. In fact, most opportunities worth pursuing require hard work of some sort. Life doesn’t often give you gold simply for being you. You need to share your knowledge and show your worth and this often means some long hours, if not actual physical labor. In fact, if you don’t feel that a project is worth putting in a good deal of hard work, it is very possible that the project isn’t important enough for you to pursue. You may need to look for another opportunity that you love enough to commit to it completely — hard work and all.

Finally, you will need to accept the opportunities that come your way, even if they seem a little wild, a little challenging and even a little frightening. Remember, fear is a great indicator of projects and opportunities that we need to investigate further. It shows that there is a challenge there, a stretching of our thoughts and abilities in new and different ways. An open door can be scary, but it can also lead to a new, better, greater, more exciting, more fulfilling life and career than you can even imagine.

Douglas E. Welch is writer and host of Career Opportunities, a long running column and podcast dedicated to “Helping to Build the Career You Deserve!” Career Opportunities began in 1997 as a magazine column and expanded to a podcast in 2004. Douglas is also a New Media Consultant, Technology and Career Consultant with over 30 years experience in high-tech. You can find all of Douglas’ work at

Subscribed 46: Scott Berkun – author and speaker on creativity, leadership, philosophy

January 3rd, 2014 Comments off

This post was originally written for my blog, Careers in New Media, but the content that Scott presents lends itself to building the career you deserve, too. Check out his blog and other entries in the Subscribed series on Career in New Media. — Douglas

Subscribed 46: Scott Berkun

If fine myself reading and sharing a lot of content from Scott Berkun, so it only makes sense to highlight him here are part the Subscribed series. Scott’s recent article, How to overcome cynicism, was a great example. It can be easy to fall victim to to cynicism in life and business and I salute him for taking on such a chronic issue.

How do you overcome cynicism in an environment determined to maintain it?

You overcome a toxic environment by walking out the door. Unless you happen to be a powerful person in the organization, it is not your fault that the environment is cynical, broken, dysfunctional, toxic, demented, twisted or incompetent. Managers and executives are paid a great deal more than the average employee and the main thing that comes with that pay grade is accountability. If the place depresses you, look upwards: the people in power make it this way. It’s uncommon for people in power to be motivated to make big changes since they like being in power.

Read the entire article

Scott berkun

From Scott Berkun’s web site…

I’m an author and speaker. My work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The Guardian, Wired magazine, National Public Radio, The Huffington Post and other media. I taught at the University of Washington, blog for Harvard Business and BusinessWeek, and have appeared as an expert on various subjects on CNN, CNBC and MSNBC.

My latest book, The Year Without Pants: & The Future of Work released in Sept 2013 and was named an best book of the year.

Read Scott’s entire biography

 Get The Year Without Pants from

Other books by Scott Berkun

What are some of your favorite Subscriptions? Share them here in the comments!

Previously highlighted on Subscribed:

Subscribed is a Careers in New Media series  highlighting the Podcasts, YouTube Channels and Blogs that I follow on a daily basis. Check out this entry, and past entries, for some great New Media Content — Douglas

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Top 20 Blog Posts for 2013 from the Career Opportunities Podcast

January 1st, 2014 Comments off


Looking back over my stats, like a lot of folks today, I see that these were the Top 20 blog posts from Career Opportunities for 2013

  1. The difference between your job, your work and your career
  2. The Right Way to Resign
  3. Take responsibility for your own education
  4. What You Need: Decent technology and the skills to use it
  5. Job Openings from Tuesdays with Transitioners – January 27, 2013
  6. A Year of Self Preservation
  7. Question: What is the new image of a career?
  8. Slow and Steady: Monitor the trend line to make your progress visible
  9. High school is the time to think about your career, but not to decide it
  10. Our own actions matter more than President, Pope or Prime Minister
  11. Invites: Want more happiness in your life? Join Happify!
  12. Looking back to move forward
  13. Breaking the negativity cycle
  14. In Praise of Praise
  15. Video: A Year of Self Preservation with Douglas E. Welch – A presentation to Tuesdays with Transitioners
  16. Douglas talks Careers and New Media with Bigg Success – March 10, 2010
  17. Do it Now!
  18. A slap in the face
  19. Longevity
  20. How to attract work to you
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Career Opportunities Podcasts for 2013 – A complete list with links

January 1st, 2014 Comments off

Career op logo 2012 med Dew 2013

Did you miss any of my Career Opportunities Podcasts in 2013? Here is a complete list of both new and archive podcasts published this year. A list of my most popular blog posts will be coming out in just a short while. 

Thanks for a great 2013! Looking towards and amazing 2014!

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Gift Guide 2013: Moleskeine Journals

December 10th, 2013 Comments off

Moleskeine Journals of all sorts

No matter how much technology i have at hand, I always find myself falling back on my paper journal as a data gathering, thought-provoking and capturing, friend. Yes, I carry and iPhone, but there is something about writing things out longhand in a paper journal that makes you think more deeply and locks in the information more completely. Moleskeine journals are the sine quo non of paper journals. Their quality is high and they have been carried by artists and business people for generations. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, lines and more, including day-to-day calendars, travel journals and city guide. 

My favorite is this large, lined journal. Right now I have a Lego Moleskeine waiting to be put into service as soon as I fill my current journals. I can’t wait!


More 2013 Gift Guide Items:

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