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What is a Well-Lived Life? from the Career Opportunities Podcast [Audio]

August 8th, 2017

The Well-Lived Life from the Career Opportunities Podcast 

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From the Career Opportunities Archives…

Do you have what it takes to truly be the person you can, and want, to be? Everyday I am faced with people who have decided to be less than everything they could be. They have decided that short cuts, scams and outright crimes are the easiest ways to accomplish what few goals they have. In some cases, they lack any goals at all beyond servicing greed or a bad habit that must be fed. They have given up any chance at a better life and settled for one filled only with empty rewards. Rewards that will leave them feeling empty, no matter how attractive they might seem. You can’t achieve your own, best, life by constantly chasing the easy answers down one dead end after another. It will always remain beyond your reach, even if it is still within your sight. It will taunt you with its closeness but always be beyond your grasp.

What does this poorly led life look like? You probably see examples of it every day — People and businesses who would rather scam people into signing up for a service they neither want, nor need, instead of building a product that people actually want to purchase – people who write articles and create videos that only seek to tear people down instead of building them up – people taking advantage of loopholes, shortcuts and unknowledgeable people to line their pocketbooks.


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