Where To Start With Social Media – Twitter from Two Challenges in Building Your Career [Audio Clip] (0:56)

A Clip from Two Challenges in Building the Career You Deserve with Douglas E. Welch. 

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Where To Start With Social Media - Twitter from Two Challenges in Building Your Career

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Douglas E. Welch (http://douglasewelch.com) presents to the class Career Development – Theories and Techniques at Pepperdine Graduate School of Education & Psychology taught by fellow CareerCamp Co-Chair, Danielle Gruen

The two biggest challenges are deciding what you want to do as a career and then building the career you deserve once you decide.

I discuss the Career Compass method of discovering your career wants, needs and desires and then using various social media tools to show people “What you do and how well you do it”


See what’s happening. Twitter is another big one which I forgot to put on my list. Twitter’s another one. Different World. It’s that 140 characters — very terse, — very quick, in and out, kind of event-based, too. Twitter is very popular around events going on, but that might be the thing for you. I never thought I would use Twitter that much when it first came out until I went to my first event and had a smart phone with Twitter on it. I was like “Oh My god, this changes the world.” Instead of us all phoning around in a large — we were at a convention — it’s like your all in a party and your trying to listen to the person on the phone. “What room are you in? Where?” Now, it’s like, someone Twitters out one tweet = WINK — you can see people converge on the next location as you walk out of the room. A totally, dramatic, change in how I approached events like that. So if you’re doing stuff like that, it’s definitely one way in which Twitter is very interesting. You will have to find those tools that work best for you and feel most useful and feels comfortable to you, though. 

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