Career Compass – Jobs You Never Want to Do from Two Challenges in Building the Career You Deserve [Video Clip] (1:17)

A Clip from Two Challenges in Building the Career You Deserve with Douglas E. Welch. 

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Career Compass - Jobs You Never Want to Do from Two Challenges in Building the Career You Deserve


Douglas E. Welch ( presents to the class Career Development – Theories and Techniques at Pepperdine Graduate School of Education & Psychology taught by fellow CareerCamp Co-Chair, Danielle Gruen

The two biggest challenges are deciding what you want to do as a career and then building the career you deserve once you decide.

I discuss the Career Compass method of discovering your career wants, needs and desires and then using various social media tools to show people “What you do and how well you do it”


We can all get trapped in our own little worldview — our own little bubble – sometimes, but if we don’t purposefully make an attempt to reach out and change it or see it in a different way, we just continue in that fashion. It happens to all of us. It happens to me. It happens to everyone I know. the point is use some tool like this to help you broaden your thinking a little bit to hopefully allow you to see where things have perhaps gone a little bit wrong. Now for the other quadrants of the compass, down here are the things you are not doing that you never want to do. So, actually, the elementary school would probably be over here with my wife instead of that quadrant. These are things you never want to do. Never want to work in a bank. I never want to work for a real estate company. I never want to — I never want to be a doctor or a nurse. Sorry, no, I can barely deal with doctoring myself when I cut my finger. I could never imagine taking care of someone else in that fashion, It’s just not in my mental make up. Other people are like “Oh yeah! Please. Medical? Love it! Yes.” My son’s girlfriend is in the medical focus program in high school for goodness sakes. So, some people might put that there, but other people might put it down here and say “I never. No. That’s just. No. Unless something dramatically changes in my makeup, I don’t even want to go there.”

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