Video: In control of your transition from Transition as the New Normal 2015 with Douglas E. Welch

A clip from this longer presentation — Douglas E. Welch presents “Transition as the New Normal” to OPEN (Outstanding Professionals Employment Network) Ventura County in Simi Valley, CA on February 27 2015.

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Sometimes I get the response from people that “I’m scared, because I’m out of control.” And that’s a feeling you get when you’re in transition. You feel out of control. You feel like everyone’s pushing you this way and that way and life is tipping you upside down and everything. It doesn’t mean you don’t have control. You still have control over a large part of your lives, but you have to exercise that control and that’s where I see a lot of people struggle. They begin to internalize the fact that “Oh, I have no control. It’s up to whatever. Whatever spiritual being you believe in — whatever nature you believe in — it’s all up to that and the fact is, it isn’t. Ok? And you need to be aware of that. Everything you do — from moment to moment — affects your transition and where will go. Down to the fact — there was someone who was saying they decided they didn’t want to work in banks anymore — over there — that’s an important decision to make. That’s an important thought to have. You are at a time when transition is giving you an opportunity. It may not seem like it, because it can be really scary, again, you’re given an opportunity to re-evaluate what you were doing. 

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