Video: Can you domesticate transition? from “Transition as the New Normal” with Douglas E. Welch

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I want you to feel when you leave that you can use transition as — first of all — something to be cultivated in your life — not something to be avoided. Don’t slam the door in the face of opportunity when it shows up. But I also want you to engage in it and do as I try to do. I’m not perfect at this either in any way, shape or form, but try to use transition and change as a way to improve your life and career. Don’t be afraid of it. it can be scary sometimes, yes, and that’s humans — we do get fearful sometimes — but I think if we co-opt transition and instead of thinking of it as the sabertooth cat coming in the cave door, think of it as the kitten sitting next to us that we are petting. Maybe that’s a better metaphor for it. It is something that is part of our lives, that needs to be part of our lives, and something we can cultivate and perhaps even domesticate a little bit and make it work for us rather than constantly fighting against it. 

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