Video: Transition is a force for good in our lives from “Transition as the New Normal” with Douglas E. Welch

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Transition is a force for good in our lives. I know it can feel really like it isn’t a lot of the times, but — if you’ve ever had the situation of feeling happy that you got fired from a job (LAUGHTER). that right there should show you that transition can be a force for good in  your life. Sometimes it is forced upon us. Sometimes it is something we have engage in ourselves, but either way, I think we really need to look at it that way. Because we can get stuck sometimes. We can allow ourselves to get stuck — and that’s the best word I think I can come up with. It’s applying those rules — those physics rules — of inertia, Bodies at rest will remain at rest. People with a job will remain in that job no matter how crappy that job may be — because, it’s a job, but if you can just nudge the snowball — that’s what I call it — if you can just push the snowball downhill just a little bit — one small action, one small change, one phone call, one email, one thing you read whatever — if you can just get the snowball rolling, it starts to gather its own momentum and gets bigger and bigger and bigger and can lead to a variety of things and, as you sometimes see with a large snowball rolling downhill, sometimes it will split into parts as it’s headed down the hill. That’s cool. Now you have all these other options that you can investigate, as well, and see where those snowballs lead you down the hill.  

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