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Video: Your job search should be a continuous process from “It’s Your Career, After All”

January 5th, 2015

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Your job search should never be an iterative process. A job search should always be something you are doing every single day. It ties back into serendipity, too. You should always be looking for those opportunities. You should always be doing things which create new opportunities for you, every single day. Looking for a new job is never — in my mind — something you do just when you need a new job. It is something you do all the time and that helps. I find that helps a lot. Because then it keeps you from feeling trapped. You can be trapped out of fear. You can feel trapped out of obligation to a family member, to whatever. You can — sometimes you just want to be nice. You don’t want to be seen as a bad guy. “Well. I’ll stay here because they really need me her at this job even though I hate — even though I hate doing purchasing, they don’t have anyone else to do purchasing so I’ve got to stay here and do it.” Wrong. Why? That’s not serving you well at all. Again, they’re winning and your losing. No. Win-win. I know it’s cliche these days to say it, but I really believe that. Both of you have to be getting something out of the agreement or one of you is losing and sometimes losing very, very badly. 

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