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Video: Make your own carefully considered decisions from “It’s Your Career, After All”

December 15th, 2014

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You have to make your own decisions. We let people make decisions for us way to often. Whether it’s our spouse, our family, our co-workers, our boss, whatever, we let people make decisions for us too often. And that leads nowhere, for you personally. I don’t know if you have ever heard of it, this is kind of an odd example, there is a couple of apps out there for the iPhone right now called Secret and Whisper and these are apps — you don’t need necessarily want to download them these apps, but these are apps that allow you to anonymously post things in your life. And they can get pretty wild sometimes when you see what people post, but the things that just keeps recurring — I keep seing these similar messages again and again and again in these anonymous sites are, “I wish my boyfriend would do something stupid so I could break up with him. I wish my girlfriend would find someone else so I could break up with here and have an excuse to break up with them. Have an excuse to leave. Have an excuse to…” Why are you looking for an excuse to do something, If you want to break up – BREAK UP! Why are you letting them make the decision. In a form — and I am going to use a very charged word here — it’s cowardice. You are being cowardly with yourself. You can be cowardly with the world. I can understand that. Life is scary sometimes, but don’t be cowardly with yourself. Make the decision that needs to be made and live with it. Now, I’m not asking you to make wild, crazy, off the cuff decisions. Think about the decisions you are making. What did say here, I called it a particular thing…You only need a reason of your own carefully decided. Ok? I think, sometimes, when we think we’re making decisions, we’re jut doing it off the top of our head — even ourselves. “Well, I’m just blowing this off.” Carefully decided decisions. But make them. Don’t hope to be fired. Find a new damn job! 

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