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Video: What is a “desire”? from “It’s Your Career, After All” with Douglas E. Welch

October 27th, 2014

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It is that very internal thing to, the desire is something that –well, I’ll give my own example. I love presenting to people. I love sharing what I know. I love teaching people. I’ve heard the word passion about it. That is something that drives me. You get what’s called a “teacher’s high”, I’ve heard it called when you come out of a class and you’re like, “I’m all wound up.” It gives me as much as I hope it gives you. That is one example of a desire that perhaps can go unspoken for a long time if you don’t think about it. You need to find those things. You need to notice those things. Those things that just, Wow, you come out of them with more energy than you went in. Even if you go on a long hike and your dead, physically dead tired at the end of it, but you just feel great! ok. Maybe you need to be a ranger. Maybe you need to lead wildlife hikes. Maybe you need to learn about birding. You know, what’s that telling you? That feeling is telling you something that you need to notice and look into more deeply.

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