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Audio: 10 years…and done! — from the Career Opportunities Podcast

September 22nd, 2014

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At the beginning…

The clip at the beginning to today’s show is what is sounded like 10 years ago when I started the Career Opportunities podcast on September 24, 2004 — only 2 weeks after the term “podcast” was coined. I like to think my recording quality, delivery and content have improved over the years. It is hard to believe it has been 10 years and even more hard to believe that it has been 17 years since I started writing Career Opportunities for ComputorEdge magazine in San Diego, California. It was those first 7 years of columns under my belt that allowed me to jump into podcasting so quickly. I was able to borrow some equipment from an audio engineer friend and away I went — hand coding my RSS feed every time I wanted to release a show and using Adam Curry’s original Applescripts to download what few shows were available at the time.

At the end…

While 10 years of podcasting is certainly something worth celebrating, it has also made me do some hard thinking about the future. I have been mulling it over this entire year and I have decided to bring Career Opportunities to an end with this column and podcast. Some quick estimates of 50+ columns for each year of Career-Op, give or take a few over 17 years, bring my total to around 800+ columns and podcasts. At this point. I think I have said about all I can about careers, at least in column and podcast form. I’ll still continue speaking on careers and also developing my CareerCamp unconferences, but for me, this era of Career Opportunities is over. I continue to spin out my speaking engagements, clips and archival columns until I get through the last few years of shows, but I don’t plan on writing or recording any new Career Opportunities podcasts.

You can search through the entire backlog of Career Opportunities using this local Google Search page or by using the Google search command added to the end of any Google search.

I t has been a fun ride over the last 10 years. I have met some really great people, including all the folks over at Friends in Tech and at the original Podcast Expos and all the listeners and readers who have contacted me over the years. 

Podcasting (and blogging) has also provided me some excellent opportunities, including spokesperson gigs, speaking engagements and more. I don’t believe I ever wasted a minute in my podcasting pursuits and I will be continuing my other podcasts including A Gardener’s Notebook and Careers in New Media for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for reading, listening and watching over the last 10 years. I appreciate all your support, emails, Twitters and more.

I hope the Career Opportunities has had some impact on “Building the Career You Deserve!” and wish you the best career, and life, possible.

You all greatly deserve it!

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