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Video: Leadership: Don’t wait for someone else to lead from “A Year of Leadership”

April 30th, 2014

Leadership someone else

From “A Year of Leadership” – Career Opportunities Podcast with Douglas E. Welch)

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“You can’t wait for someone else to lead. In fact, that’s whats gotten us into a lot of the trouble we’ve been in the last few years. We’ve all depended on other people to pick up the reins and to make things right. This is how we end up with debacles like the Enron fallout, the mortgage crisis, the economy crisis we’re in right now. the Bernia Madoff Ponzi scheme. We’re all expecting someone else to stand up and say, “Oh, you know what, that’s not right. That’s wrong! You need to stop doing that or we need to do something else.” While we sit around, twiddling our thumbs, typing away on our computer screens, and doing nothing about it.

Again, I want to reiterate, there is no one else who can practice leadership for you. That’s a scary thought, because it puts all the onus back on us. It puts all the onus back in our laps to say, “Oh, guess what? I have to be the one to stand up and actually DO something.” Well, it is scary, but it is also very, very, very — I can’t say this enough — very important that you do it.”

Douglas is writer and host of Career Opportunities, a long running column and podcast dedicated to “Helping to Build the Career You Deserve!” Career Opportunities began in 1997 as a magazine column and expanded to a podcast in 2004. Douglas is also a New Media Consultant, Technology and Career Consultant with over 30 years experience in high-tech. You can find all of Douglas’ work at

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