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Job Listings from Tuesdays with Transitioners – January 12, 2014

January 12th, 2014 Comments off

Jobs offered

 CareerCampSCV (Santa Clarita Valley) 2013 - 88 

Job Openings from Tuesdays with Transitioners Jennifer Oliver O’Connell, organizer of Tuesdays with Transitioners posted these job listings recently. Join Tuesdays with Transitioners Meetup group to receive these job listings directly via and email. 

  • Assistant to the President, Dick Clark Productions
  • Assistant to Head of the TV Dept., Gotham Entertainment
  • Executive Assistant
  • Assistant at Disruption Entertainment
  •  Part-time Community Inclusion Coach, Tierra del Sol (Van Nuys)
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Archive: You have a lot to say! — from the Career Opportunities Podcast

January 10th, 2014 Comments off

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Sitting around with friends over dinner, talk often turns to blogging and podcasting. They know I have been blogging for a while and that I was one of the first 20 podcasters and they often want to know more about both pursuits. One of the most typical comments from my friends, though, when I tell them that they should be blogging and/or podcasting is, “I don’t have anything to say!” What?! Are these the same people who can give me detailed dissertations on the native lizards of California? Are these the same people who can recount every ride on every rollercoaster they have ever ridden? Are these the same people who can get off on an hour-long rant about why you should never do X, Y and/or Z?

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The fact is, we all have something to say and, more importantly, there are others out there in the world who want to hear it. This could be one of most defining aspects of your career, too. It is by actively sharing our information that we gain experience, network connections, friendships, new jobs and more. If you are constantly “hiding your light under a bushel”, how do you expect others to get to know you? More importantly, how do you expect to grow as an entrepreneur or employee? Be proud of what you know and show it by sharing it with others.

Now I know what some of you may be thinking, because I have heard it from my friends, as well. “How important can it be? I haven’t invented anything new. I haven’t created my own company. All I have done is collected up a bunch of information about a particular topic.” To which I always reply, “…and your point is?” Whether you are creating new information, divining new information from old or collecting up large resources of information, it is still important. Inventing new ideas, new products and such isn’t the pinnacle of worth. Otherwise, why would libraries be so important? Aren’t they just collections of information? How about a museum? Some of our culture’s most important resources are collections of raw data that can be used in new ways.

Perhaps you know everything there is to know about the history of your city or state. I can guarantee you that people will come knocking on your door because you have become the expert in that area. Your collection of information is the place to start instead of each individual starting all over at the beginning. Even more, because you have collected up so much information, you will naturally start to connect disparate pieces together. Maybe no one has even seen item A and item B together before. Perhaps you are the first person to ever realize that this part fits exactly into that part. You can never tell where your actions will take you.

These are the beginnings of an improved career, or even a new career. I would say that some of the luckiest folks are those who are able to turn a hobby or interest into a money-making career. There are dangers, sure, but when you start letting others know what interests you most, you might just find that someone is willing to pay you for that knowledge.

So, what do you have to say? I think every person has something unique to offer, just as we are unique by our very existence. Imagine how boring the world would be if we all looked and acted the same. I would question whether the human race could ever survive such a fate. It is our individualism that allows us to find a place in the world.

This week, if not today, I want you to got out to,,,, wherever you feel most comfortable and start a blog to collect your most important thoughts. These might be simple thoughts on your own life and family, or grand designs for mankind. Whatever the content, though, getting started with sharing your information is the goal. Sure, your blog will change over time. You will select new topics, new thoughts, a new focus — you might even create different blogs to focus on different types of information. The important thing is to get started. “Let your light so shine before men!”

Everyone has something important to say and the Internet has provided us all with a way to say it…and be heard by other, like-minded people. Unleash your ideas, thoughts, fears, inventions, accomplishments, voice and pen on the world and you will quickly find a community of others who share your thoughts…or disagree completely. Either way, you have found a way to let people know who you are and what you find important. You might also find a new career along the way.


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Creating Opportunity — from the Career Opportunities Podcast

January 7th, 2014 Comments off

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In this Year of Opportunity, one of your biggest goals should be create opportunity around you. It may sound odd, but yes, you have the ability to create your own opportunities through your own, direct actions. Creating opportunity requires some work your part, but the results should be more than worth it. Take some of that energy you have spent searching for a job and start searching for — and creating — your own opportunities this year.

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Know and become known

The most important part of creating opportunity is to know others and to make yourself known to others. Opportunities come from the people you know, both individually and as part of various groups. It only makes sense that the more people you know the more opportunities you will be exposed to. Too many of us cocoon ourselves away from the world, refusing to interact with others because we feel inadequate, unaccomplished or just plain scared. You must break out of this. You are a unique, capable, interesting individual and you deserve to know and interact with others and they you. Insecurity can trap you in a hole of your own making and actively prevent you from climbing out.

This week, I want you to take some direct action to re-connect and know others. Meet with a friend or family member. Find a new interesting meetup in your area, no matter what the topic, Give yourself permission to explore and re-engage with the world. After my own year of transition, I am having to do the same myself. Sometimes I have to nearly force myself out the door, but I always feel better for having made the effort. Even more, I always benefit from the effort in some way. Each new person I meet, each old friend I reconnect with, is another step towards creating new opportunities.

As well as knowing others, you must also seek to be known. You must share your expertise, your thoughts, your ideas, your feelings with those around you. Sharing develops deep connections with others as it often helps to solve a problem they might have. If you want to truly become a friend with someone, solve a problem for them. Nothing creates a deeper bond immediately and over time. Start blogging. Start sharing great tips and links on Facebook or wherever you prefer to spend your social media time. If you are a musician, find a place to play your music in public — for pay or not. If you are an architect, share your dream designs so that others can be inspired. If you are a caregiver, share your experiences so others can benefit and feel that they are not alone in their challenges. We all have something to share that can help those around us, if we only share it. Be known by your good deeds, your great information, your caring and your conversation.

Stop and consider your opportunities

Many times we let opportunities slip through our fingers without ever considering them opportunities at all. In this world of rush, rush, rush, it becomes even more important to stop and consider opportunities when they occur. If you don’t stop, other thoughts, other actions, other concerns will quickly push them aside and you will lose them.

The next time you think, “Hey, that’s a great idea!”, stop and write it down, note it on your smartphone, scribble it on a napkin, write it on your palm. Do whatever it takes to capture that idea for later consideration. Not every idea will turn into an opportunity, but a certain percentage will — a certain percentage that would have been lost had you not stopped to consider and capture it.

When you start doing this — capturing your ideas and thoughts, you will be amazed by two things. One, you will be amazed at how much information (and opportunity) you have been ignoring in your life and two, you will be amazed by how interesting your life can be, if you only take a moment to notice it. When you are struggling with challenges in your life and career, it can feel like nothing is important anymore. Capturing your ideas and thoughts can help to snap you out of the stupor you might find yourself in and get you back on the track to productivity.

It is a New Year and a new year requires new attitudes, new actions, new approaches to building the career you deserve. This is truly a Year of Opportunity (as every year really is) but we need to recognize that fact and put in some effort to make it the best year possible. Don’t let the past stop you from pursuing the future. Now get out there and start creating opportunity for yourself!


Subscribed 46: Scott Berkun – author and speaker on creativity, leadership, philosophy

January 3rd, 2014 Comments off

This post was originally written for my blog, Careers in New Media, but the content that Scott presents lends itself to building the career you deserve, too. Check out his blog and other entries in the Subscribed series on Career in New Media. — Douglas

Subscribed 46: Scott Berkun

If fine myself reading and sharing a lot of content from Scott Berkun, so it only makes sense to highlight him here are part the Subscribed series. Scott’s recent article, How to overcome cynicism, was a great example. It can be easy to fall victim to to cynicism in life and business and I salute him for taking on such a chronic issue.

How do you overcome cynicism in an environment determined to maintain it?

You overcome a toxic environment by walking out the door. Unless you happen to be a powerful person in the organization, it is not your fault that the environment is cynical, broken, dysfunctional, toxic, demented, twisted or incompetent. Managers and executives are paid a great deal more than the average employee and the main thing that comes with that pay grade is accountability. If the place depresses you, look upwards: the people in power make it this way. It’s uncommon for people in power to be motivated to make big changes since they like being in power.

Read the entire article

Scott berkun

From Scott Berkun’s web site…

I’m an author and speaker. My work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The Guardian, Wired magazine, National Public Radio, The Huffington Post and other media. I taught at the University of Washington, blog for Harvard Business and BusinessWeek, and have appeared as an expert on various subjects on CNN, CNBC and MSNBC.

My latest book, The Year Without Pants: & The Future of Work released in Sept 2013 and was named an best book of the year.

Read Scott’s entire biography

 Get The Year Without Pants from

Other books by Scott Berkun

What are some of your favorite Subscriptions? Share them here in the comments!

Previously highlighted on Subscribed:

Subscribed is a Careers in New Media series  highlighting the Podcasts, YouTube Channels and Blogs that I follow on a daily basis. Check out this entry, and past entries, for some great New Media Content — Douglas

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Archive: Bad reputations follow you everywhere — from the Career Opportunities Podcast

January 3rd, 2014 Comments off

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All it takes is one indiscretion, one moment of anger, to brand you with a bad reputation. Even worse, once people develop an opinion of you as a troublemaker, they may see issues where none really exist. Sometimes, we can damage our own reputation so badly that other’s expect us to be a problem. This was brought home to me again, as I watched my son’s latest Little League game.

The story goes back about 2 weeks. During another baseball game, the coaches and managers of one team had words with the coaches and parents of our team over the style of play they encouraged. The umpire (I can never imagine trying to do that job) had to sort things out, but the damage was already done. Complaints were filed with the league about one particular coach. As usual, word of this incident got around among the other teams and, most importantly, the other umpires.

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Fast forward to this week, when my son’s team faced this same coach. Sitting in the stands, I overheard the umpire’s instructions to the coaches and thought they seemed adversarial right from the start. Hmm. Had this umpire heard about the previous incident? Around the second inning of the game, I notice that the opposing coach had been removed from the game and was loudly complaining to league officials in the parking lot. I wondered what had happened, as I hadn’t seen anything overt.

As far as I can tell, the umpire for this game had heard about the previous incident and was determined to avoid any sort of repeat occurrence. In that light, he was looking for even the slightest infraction and then took advantage of that to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Was this fair? I don’t really know, as I don’t know what precipitated the coach’s removal, but it points up the problem with how quickly developing any sort of bad reputation can effect your work.

The same thing can happen to you in your work and career. Once people have developed an opinion about you, it can color every other interaction. If you complain once, you might be branded as the complainer in the company. Slack off once and you are the slacker. It is horribly unfair, but it occurs every day. In order to deal with the speed at which life comes at us, we often fall back on making assumptions, snap judgments and stereotypes. This coping mechanism serves no one well, though. We can be labeled unfairly and we can also label others unfairly. This then leads to further complications, which can derail personal relationships and leave us wondering where it all went wrong.

Develop a reputation for one trait and it will dog you for a long time, just as it did this coach. Those around you will expect you to act in a certain way and each time you do, it will only confirm their judgment further. Over time you can dig yourself a very deep hole.

So, how do you combat this “pigeonhole” effect? You must start with the very first occurrence. If you feel that you are starting to develop a bad reputation in a particular area, you must address it immediately. Had this coach talked with previous umpires and coaches and tried to find an amicable understanding the first time, he might not have had to face this second confrontation. Instead, those around him simply assumed that he would continue to act as he had in the past.

Next, this coach also had to turn around these expectations by going out of his way to act in exactly the opposite fashion. For example, if you are seen as “the complainer”, “the hothead” or “the slacker,” you have to do everything in your power to counteract these opinions. In some cases you may simply have to “bite your tongue” in public and address issues in private with individuals. If you get angry during a meeting, you will have to spend weeks NOT getting angry. Changing perceptions is extremely difficult so you have to work at least twice as hard to change them as you did to develop these perceptions.

Think of Ebenezer Scrooge in Dicken’s A Christmas Carol. He didn’t get just a little bit better, he changed completely. To quote, “He was better than his word. He did it all and infinitely more.” The best career advice is to always work to build the best reputation possible and, if you stumble, immediately correct your actions so you aren’t saddled with a bad reputation that can limit your effectiveness in your job and your career.


5 of My Favorite Career Things for December 2013

January 2nd, 2014 Comments off

My Favorite Things 

As always, let me know what types of interesting items you would like to see and I will keep an eye out for them especially. — Douglas

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  5. Career / How to Overcome Cynicism
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Top 20 Blog Posts for 2013 from the Career Opportunities Podcast

January 1st, 2014 Comments off


Looking back over my stats, like a lot of folks today, I see that these were the Top 20 blog posts from Career Opportunities for 2013

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  2. The Right Way to Resign
  3. Take responsibility for your own education
  4. What You Need: Decent technology and the skills to use it
  5. Job Openings from Tuesdays with Transitioners – January 27, 2013
  6. A Year of Self Preservation
  7. Question: What is the new image of a career?
  8. Slow and Steady: Monitor the trend line to make your progress visible
  9. High school is the time to think about your career, but not to decide it
  10. Our own actions matter more than President, Pope or Prime Minister
  11. Invites: Want more happiness in your life? Join Happify!
  12. Looking back to move forward
  13. Breaking the negativity cycle
  14. In Praise of Praise
  15. Video: A Year of Self Preservation with Douglas E. Welch – A presentation to Tuesdays with Transitioners
  16. Douglas talks Careers and New Media with Bigg Success – March 10, 2010
  17. Do it Now!
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Career Opportunities Podcasts for 2013 – A complete list with links

January 1st, 2014 Comments off

Career op logo 2012 med Dew 2013

Did you miss any of my Career Opportunities Podcasts in 2013? Here is a complete list of both new and archive podcasts published this year. A list of my most popular blog posts will be coming out in just a short while. 

Thanks for a great 2013! Looking towards and amazing 2014!

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