Job Openings from Tuesdays with Transitioners – March 3, 2013

Job Openings from Tuesdays with Transitioners

Jennifer Oliver O’Connell, organizer of Tuesdays with Transitioners posted these job listings recently. Join Tuesdays with Transitioners Meetup group to receive these job listings directly via and email.

Job Listings from Tuesdays with Transitioners – February 24, 2013

  • Metro is hiring!
  • Part-time Sales Opportunity
  • UTA Listings for 02-22-2013
  • UTA Listings for 02-27-2013
  • Los Angeles Team Mentoring is looking for recruits
  • Joke & Biago is looking for a VFX Artist!
  • Executive Assistant, Illumination Entertainment
  • Business Affairs Assistant to the COO/EP

Link to Tuesdays with Transitioners for details on all these positions

** Find more jobs on the Career Opportunities Job Board from

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