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It is graduation time again here in the US. College graduates, high school graduates and, in the case of my own son, a graduation from Junior High and into High School. Where graduation usually brings a feeling of exhilaration for most, it can also bring a heavy dose of fear in today’s job market. The old ways of work are changing, but the new ways haven’t yet found their stable center. Job seekers today are just as likely to face old-fashioned resume review and interviews as they are to encounter new methods of hiring. It can be a stressful time, made all the more stressful for all the unknowns. That said, I think we are moving into a time of greater flexibility and opportunity for everyone. We aren’t stuck with the old ways of doing business and we should seek out those opportunities that look to the future, both in their hiring practices and the work environments they offer.



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You still need a resume

Much as I hate to say it, you still need a paper resume in today’s job market. In some cases, companies may rely solely on this printed document to judge your skills and abilities. This doesn’t mean you can’t also make a resume for the 21st Century, though. Digital tools and online resumes allow you to customize your resume to highlight experience for each particular position. They allow you to share more information than would ever fit on the traditional 1-page paper resume. You can then use this longer, digital resume to create whatever traditional resumes you might need.

Additionally, you need to think hard about the types of companies where you apply for work. An archaic, chaotic or overly bureaucratic application process could be a red flag. If a company can’t move into a new way of hiring it could mean that their other work processes will be just as out of date. Jump through their application “hoops” if you must, but keep a keen eye out for how the company is managed overall. You might find some very ugly business methods within. You then need to decide if you can live (and thrive) within such a structure or if your forward thinking ideas will be met with derision or disdain. The hiring process can be very illuminating about how a company operates as a whole

Seek out those who use new hiring methods

While you are sure to be faced with old hiring methods, don’t be afraid to try out some of the new job search and application methods. I look forward to a world where work comes looking for you instead of you having to go out and find it. My watch phrase has always been that you need to tell the world “what you do and how well you do it!” This is the first step in changing how we find our life’s work. Through the use of blogs, social media, podcasting, audio, video and more you can let people know who you are and what you do.

Why would you want to do this? Simply so that when a company is looking to fill a particular position they already have you in mind for the job. Imagine what a change that would be. They might think, “We really need someone who can do X, Y, Z. Remember that excellent blog post, article, video etc we saw about that topic from Douglas? Why don’t we talk to him?” Hopefully, you can see how powerful a change this would make in the job market. Instead of waiting around for someone to hire you, you will be actively out there making connections — both online and face-to-face — that could benefit you greatly in the future.

You will surely have to face a lot of old-school hiring practices as you look for work, but do yourself a favor and seek out those who are seeking a new way of hiring. Reward those companies that offer a better, faster, clearer path to getting hired with your best efforts of time and energy. Don’t jump through hoops for those companies that are still hiring using 1960’s practices if and when you can apply to forward-thinking companies who are trying to find the best person for the job, not just someone to fill a seat. If you do this, you will benefit in many ways. Your own job search will be improved, as well as the eventual position you find and it will also show companies that new methods bring new rewards, including better candidates, better employees and a better business overall.


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