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Elsewhere: When bullies go to work

March 7th, 2012

Bullying is such an embedded part of most officesl that it seems almost impossible to get it out. I think it would be a rare person who hasn’t experienced workplace bullying by the peers or managers at some point.

The only way to remove it, though, is to stand up to it, but in an environment where everyone is already scared for their job, it is almost impossible.

While leaving a job may resolve the problem for the individual, those they leave behind and those that follow them into the company are bound to suffer the same treatment

Via Jason ON on his Google+ Profile

When bullies go to work: The hidden epidemic of workplace mistreatment affects over a third of workers — and is hurting us all


My friend Dennis* remembers the exact moment he knew he’d had enough. Enough of the “nonstop nagging and ostracizing and accusing” that had become his weekday routine. He was standing on the platform of the subway station at Union Square, leaning out toward the tracks to see if the train was approaching. “And I thought, if I don’t pull back, if I stay here like this, so many problems will be solved.”

Dennis’ tormenter? Not a schoolyard thug shaking him down for lunch money, but a high-ranking executive in one of the largest financial institutions in the country. When the mean kids of your childhood grow up, they don’t all evolve into self-aware, contrite adults. Sometimes, they just move from the playground to the corner office.

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  1. May 26th, 2012 at 09:54 | #1

    I had a client who was a young man with disabilities. He worked for a retail location in a janitorial role. He loved his job and everyone he worked with. Unfortunately he was the victim of workplace bullying and was made to work obscene hours tirelessly. He did so with a smile because he truly loved the company.

    Unfortunately this led to him neglecting warning signs about his own health and when he brought them to the attention of his shift supervisors he was told to go back to work.

    Later he ended up passing out on the floor, being hospitalized, and later passing away. All this because bully supervisors took advantage of him.

    We need to recognize not only when this is happening to ourselves, but to those around us who cannot intercede on their own behalf.

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