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#CareerChat: What to do first when you lose your job? – My Comments

February 7th, 2012

Another great #CareerChat Twitter chat today. Below are some of my comments during the chat. Join is for #careerchat, each Tuesday Morning at 1pm EST/10am PST. You can view the entire chat using this Twitter Search on #CareerChat.

  • For me, I think that people need to get the word out immediately about their availability. Put your network to work.
  • Keep your LinkedIn profile updated at all times. It is easy to do and doing it little by little is much easier than big updates
  • Put some thought into what you WANT in your next job, not just what you NEED. You want the BEST job, no just the NEXT job.
  • FYI @careertips is Douglas E. Welch from Career Opportunities column and podcast
  • just published a Kindle booklet called Career Compass to help people decide what they truly WANT to do. Timely 🙂
  • In many cases, your network might turn up opportunities you can act on within days. Best case scenario.
  • As for volunteering, consider starting your own org/group/etc and “volunteer” for yourself.
  • You need to constantly be showing people “what you do and how well you do it!” Never stop looking.
  • After a layoff is not the time to be trying to figure out LI, updating resume and such. Need to be prepared.
  • Need to be prepared even if you are working. Never know what opportunities might come your way. Be ready to take advantage.
  • I always recommend “telling a story” in your resume rather than just listing skills. Stories really help sell you.
  • Think out if it is time to relocate geographically, too. Where are the best opportunities for your type of job?
  • Speaking with our Sicilian relatives, temporary relocation for work is a fact of life for them. That surprised me.
  • Further on starting own group – if you are group, you know some people, if you start a group, everyone knows YOU.
  • Don’t undersell your own skills. Chronic problem with workers today. Not askign you be arrogant, but respect what you bring.
  • I feel they (paper resumes) are dead. I WISH they were dead, but old habits die hard. Seems an antiquated job search tool to me.
  • Educate! There are so many sources for online lifetime learning these days. Heck, you can learn much just searching YouTube.
  • Most resumes are designed to be consumed by digital systems at companies, so they look more like data than a resume
  • My recent podcast on Lifetime Learning – Lifetime learning enhances your life and career –
  • I am also highlighting online classes that I find interesting on my blogs, etc. All sorts of topics – iTunes U, CodeAcademy, MIT
  • Use and others. It is not an either/or question, but Yes/And. That said, have your own home base blog to point to
  • A blog is your home base to show people what you do and how well you do it. Collect EVERYTHING there.
  • Give people as much opportunity to stumble upon you as possible. Be everywhere you can be, but link all to home.
  • You never know where your next opportunity might come from. You don’t know who your audience might be.
  • My goal for everyone is to attract work TO THEM, rather than having to go looking for work.
  • t seems only right as the Internet has given us great tools to network and market ourselves, if we only used them
  • You are just as likely to find your next in a locker room, in the coffee shop or online as you are in traditional process
  • As a freelance consultant, a lot of my clients come from happenstance meetups around town, through friends and family.
  • I think of “opening the lines of communication” to be one of our most important jobs for our own self preservation
  • No one else can/will care as much about your career as you do. They simply can’t. It is up to you to build career.
  • ..and trust yourself, and love yourself, and respect yourself…
  • As Edison said, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”
  • I find that work for yourself and on yourself is far less onerous than work for others. Tough to do, but good.
  • I find that constructive criticism is hard to find. Too many people cloak as constructive, but are actually destructive
  • Shameless plug – My Kindle books on careers and social media available from my site at
  • Have to consider the source greatly. Too many “blocked” people build themselves up by tearing down others. Sad.
  • Insecurity is one of the most damaging traits in society today. It leads people to do some amazingly bad things.
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