Cultivating Your Career Reputations eBook now available!

In case you haven’t heard it elsewhere  — on the Career Opportunities blog, in the Twitter Feed or Facebook Page — I am here to announce the release of my latest career ebook, Cultivating Your Career Reputations.

Listen to the audio promo

This 11,000 word book is available for immediate download in the Amazon Kindle bookstore. Kindle books can be read on almost any device including Windows and Macintosh computers, iPhone, iPads and Android tablets and phones using the FREE Kindle Reader software.

Cultivating cover

Here is an example from the introduction of Cultivating Your Career Reputations.

“While we often talk about one, monolithic, Reputation – with a capital R — I believe that there are a series of reputations that make up the whole. This book will focus on the combination of reputations that make up your one, overarching, Reputation. By examining each of these reputations in detail, I hope you will find specific areas where you can improve your work, your actions and your thoughts so that your overall professional reputation grows.

Why break your Reputation down into its constituent parts? It is often said that you can’t “do” projects, you can only do the individual tasks that make up the project and achieve the desired result. The same can be said for reputation. You don’t build your reputation as a whole, you cultivate the smaller reputations that create it. Each individual action builds your reputation in unique ways and each requires some thought as to how they relate to the whole.”


Sections include:

  • A Reputation for Fairness
  • A Reputation for Honesty
  • A Reputation for Trustworthiness
  • A Reputation for Decision-making
  • A Reputation for Empathy
  • A Reputation for Helpfulness
  • A Reputation for Compromise
  • A Reputation for Clarity
  • A Reputation for the Big Picture…and the small
  • A Reputation for Balancing Work and Self
  • A Reputation for Creativity and Innovation

Buy the book, or download a sample, today!


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3 Responses to Cultivating Your Career Reputations eBook now available!

  1. YourNextLeap says:

    This is brilliant! But I am somehow not able to play any of your podcasts.. doesnt seem to be a connectivity problem? Also, we are in India.. and getting a kindle or iPad does not seem to be a possibility right now. Is there a PDF available for this?

    Good blog on Career Opportunities! For this book, we liked the way you have broken it down into categories – something which we have always believed in and tried to use for our research.

    • You can try right-clicking the Listen link and downloading the file so you can listen. You also might be able to subscribe in iTunes and let it manage the downloads and playing of the shows.

      You should be able to download the free Kindle Reader software to read the book, as well.

      Let me know if I can help further.

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