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This 11,000 word transcript of my recent talk, Production, Promotion and Being Proactive in Your Career, is now available as a PDF download.

For far too long we have thought that only entertainers needed someone else to promote them and their product. What I’m suggesting in this talk is that everyone needs to reach out and create their own audience by realizing that their work deserves to be promoted as much as any actor or singer. This is true regardless of what type of work you do. If you don’t produce something unique, and promote that unique advantage, you are severely limiting your career.

This talk details the hows and whys of being proactive in your career and how to utilize new media tools to show people “what you do and how well you do it”. It offers clear steps to take your career to the next level instead of remaining the anonymous person deep in a corporate department.

This lightly edited transcript will allow you to review the talk more carefully at your own pace. You can also mark up, copy and paste sections to highlight the information that interests you most.

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