Share your secrets!

I came across this quote today and it is very similar to my own beliefs.

I share as much as I can as I feel that by sharing I get so much more in return. In some way, I can’t NOT share. I want to help everyone I come in contact with. What secrets can you share.

“All artists have ‘signatures.’ Most guard them closely. Again and again, I’ve found that really smart and talented people don’t hoard the ‘secrets’ of their success — they share them. It isn’t as if you could use their methods and duplicate their results. Excellence is about so so much more than craft. “

Twyla Tharp, The Collaborative Habit

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1 Response to Share your secrets!

  1. I agree! I can’t stop sharing either. I was brought up to elevate those around me while looking for mentors to elevate me. It’s like paying it forward, only I don’t expect to get anything in return because I just enjoy the delight on people’s faces and the joy in their voice when they’ve learned some new from me.

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