Make-A-Move Mondays launches this week!

Mobile interface for NMI Community siteWe are starting a new feature on the Career Opportunities Community Site at — MakeAMove Mondays!

MakeAMove Mondays are a chance to look forward into each week and decide what you want to accomplish in life, job and career. You can post something that you want to accomplish, and how you might accomplish it — a great resource to help you accomplish your weekly goals or a compelling/insightful/energizing video.

We are looking for your favorite blogs, podcasts, videos, twitter messages — anything that helps to make your coming week the best one possible.

Each week, I will start a discussion thread in the Forums area of the community site where you can post your links and we can discuss them.

For next week, you can find this discussion at

Share your best ideas and resources with our fellow Career Opportunities readers and listeners and MakeAMovethis Monday!


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