CareerCamp Online 2009 – How to attend and present

Since the CareerCamp Online idea is a bit of a new concept, there is still a but of confusion about the who, what, why, where and how? In that light, I am going to try and explain things a bit further. I hope that many of you will attend and also present at CareerCamp Online. I think we all have something to share and learn from the experience.

Ok, here goes. If there are still questions, please drop me a line and I will answer any that you have. Better still, visit the web site ( and ask your question there, so everyone can benefit!


Where: Online at

: Feb 21, 2009 – Mar 1, 2009 (I made it an entire week to give as many people as possible the chance to participate)


Building the career you deserve in these tough times requires information, so I decided to start CareerCamp (based on the BarCamp Unconference process – See for more info.) to faciliate the career conversation. At an unconference, the attendees are also the presenters and everyone is responsible for building the conference that they would most like to attend. Invite your friends and contacts that have something important to share about careers. Offer up your own advice. Engage in the conversation. If one presentation does not meet your needs, use the “power of two feet” and find another presenation that does.

How to attend:

Visit the web site above, watch the video presentations and then give comments, ask questions and engage in the conversation with the presenter in the discussion group. Check back each day (as you have time) and be part of the career discussion.

How to present:

Record your presentation on video and then upload it to your favorite video sharing site ( I use, but YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler and others are also great choices)

Then, visit the web site (, sign up for free, and start a new discussion in the forums for your presentation. You will see one session by me that can give you an example of what info to provide.

Then, take the embed code of your video (provided by YouTube et al) and embed your video in your discussion group message. This will allow attendees to press the play button and watch you video. (If you need assistance with this, contact me at and I will gladly assist you. Send me a link to the video and I can place the embded for you.)

After you post your presentation, please read your discussion group over the course of the week and engage in the career discussion with your attendees.

Again, let me know if you have any further questions. I want everyone to be a part of CareerCamp Online 2009. I am looking forward to some amazing presentations and discussions.


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