Archive: Guilt by Association – July 15, 2005

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Over the years of my high-tech career, a disturbing trend has appeared. More and more potential clients have started to treat me as an adversary with which to negotiate rather than a partner in their success. They question my motives; my estimates and my hourly rate from the first meeting and continue to treat me with skepticism in the early stages of our relationship until such a time as we all get to truly know each other. Despite my efforts to deal fairly and honestly with clients up front, I find that I often have to spend days and weeks breaking through this wall and convincing new clients that I am not trying to “take them for a ride.” I am sure you have experienced the same. Even worse, though, I know exactly who to blame for this increasingly common problem…the incompetent, unscrupulous and unworthy high-tech workers of the world.

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