“100 pebbles still have weight when thrown together.”

“100 pebbles still have weight when thrown together.

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash


Whenever injustice, oppression, hatred, fear, or just plain stupidity invade my social media feeds, I tilt at windmills and post my thoughts, fears, and opinions.\

Sure, I am a nobody, with a small number of followers and no more expertise than simple common sense, and I often get called on that by others. Who am I to think my opinion matters? Why do I think I can have any effect on what is happening in the world? How dare I have an opinion?

A few weeks ago I wrote that I post and share not to try and change the minds of others, but rather support those who share my opinions and let them know that they are NOT crazy and other people also see the problems they see. You can’t force anyone to change their mind. You can offer support, evidence, reasoning, data, but only they can decide to change their mind.

So why do I continue posting? This phrase came to me last night…

“100 pebbles still have weight when thrown together.”

Alone, I am one pebble, tapping at a stone wall. Online, with many others, we are a hundred, a thousand, a million pebbles making our mark individually and collectively on the walls of injustice, oppression, hatred, and fear. Perhaps in this way, we can give change a little nudge — a middling push — a heavy shove — in the right direction.

Use your pebble wisely!


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