The complete list of every free streaming service you can watch right now via Input

The good news: tons of media usually reserved for paid customers is free right now. Not even kind-of-sort-of free; we’re talking no strings attached free, the kind you don’t need to worry about cancelling months later. You’ve got more than enough time to stream, and these companies are more than happy to provide the content.

Some of these services also offer generous free trials during the pandemic, and if you’re bored, you should take advantage of those, too. Just be sure to set yourself a reminder to cancel before your credit card gets charged at the end of the trial, or if you’re trying to track down the trials you’ve already forgotten about, a service like Truebill can be a lifesaver. Here’s a (fairly) comprehensive list to all the free content you can binge right now, plus the best free trials you can scam with nothing more than a fresh email address:

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