In The Kitchen: OXO Good Grips Sleek Pepper Mill

OXO Good Grips Sleek Pepper Mill

OXO Good Grips Sleek Pepper Mill


I like to cook, but I am not an overly fussy chef. I have a collection of regular dishes I make, occasionally experiment with new recipes, and often make do with tools that are less than optimal. So was the case with our pepper grinder. I had purchased a cheap wooden one years ago but it never worked very well. There was no way to adjust the grind. It often had trouble feeding in the peppercorns and was too much effort to use, so I fell back on ground paper for my cooking. I knew freshly ground pepper was always best. but replacing this grinder was just one of those things that we never “got around to.” Until a few weeks ago.

My wife discovered we had a gift card from Bed, Bath, and Beyond that, we had never used. While we were out running other errands, we figured we might as well replace this pepper grinder. They had a good variety of grinders, at various price points, but I needed up choosing this Oxo grinder. I have had a great experience with Oxo kitchen tools in the past and this grinder is no exception.
It works! It works well! It has an adjustable grinder setting that works. Fine ground for our bowl of popcorn and coarse for steak or a crockpot pot roast. The pepper grinds out the top of the grinder, instead of the bottom like the old one. This keeps the counter cleaner and prevents any moisture from getting to the pepper should there be a stove side liquid spill.

Yep. Simple. Straightforward. Robust. Just what I wanted. Could I have gone fancier and more expensive or cheaper and barely an improvement? Sure, but like Momma Bear’s bed, this one is “just right!”


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