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Warnings without action equals death

August 7th, 2019

I came across this article tonight as I was scrolling through Facebook —

Mother of El Paso suspect called police before shooting about son

It is always with great sadness and hopelessness that I read about situations like this. Many times there are clear signs of what is to come but we have no sense of how to intervene and forestall the attacks. Surely there is some method, some process, both psychological and legal To redirect dangerous behaviors before they explode.

Too often in policing today, we rely on responses to violence — security cam videos, and calls to protect ourselves — rather than proactive actions like catching criminals when they commit smaller crimes and redirect them Before they commit larger ones.

Of course, there are large differences between common criminals ( if there are such people) and those who would commit mass murder. They are a world apart and require much different methods to defuse.

Still, as we have seen, there are signs in all of these most recent attacks that something was horribly wrong. These people often give clear indication — in both words and action — of what they plan to do. Too often, we ignore it at our own great peril and the peril of others and suddenly we are mourning again.


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