Omenoni (Big Men), Milan via My Instagram

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Omenoni (Big Men), Milan

Omenoni (Big Men), Milan via My Instagram

Spotted one of our many strolls about Milano. This home is quite near La Scala Opera House. Yet another of the amazing scenes from our September 2018 visit. 

Casa degli Omenoni is a historic palace of Milan, northern Italy, located in the eponymous street of Via degli Omenoni (number 3).[1] It was designed by sculptor Leone Leoni for himself; he both lived and worked there. It owes its name to the eight atlantes decorating its facade, termed “omenoni” (“big men” in Milanese), which were sculpted by Antonio Abondio,[1] most probably on a design by Leoni.[2] Lions (a reference to the “Leoni” family)[3] are a recurring theme of its decorations; in particular, a large relief placed under the cornice depicts two lions tearing a satyr into pieces. The overall style of the palace and the decorations have been noted to include several references to the art of Michelangelo.[4] The internal courtyard, modified in 1929 by Piero Portaluppi, has a colonnade with metopes and triglyphs. — Wikipedia

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