The 5 Best Whiskeys for an Old Fashioned via MyDomaine

I have to say I totally agree with their top choice — Buffalo Trace. In a recent cross tasting I found to be the best whether sipping straight or mixing into a cocktail. In fact, it tastes so good, it almost seems wasted in a cocktail. — Douglas

Broadly acclaimed as the original cocktail, the old fashioned is a core element of any whiskey lover’s repertoire. Variations of the recipe date back to the Civil War era, with the name “old fashioned” attributed to the Pendennis Club in Louisville, Kentucky. The fact that the cocktail was already called an “old fashioned” in 1881 certainly speaks to its old-school cred. To this day (as evidenced by its presence on the most mouthwatering cocktail menus), few recipes have made a bigger impact on craft-cocktail culture.

The drink is comprised of bourbon or whiskey and usually just a bit of sugar, bitters, and an orange peel to garnish. Although the recipe itself is simple, picking the perfect whiskey can be a challenge. There’s rye whiskey, Kentucky bourbon, and many more options to choose from. All are made in their own unique way and offer different flavors.

Read The 5 Best Whiskeys for an Old Fashioned via MyDomaine

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