Going Metro Today! via Instagram

Do you ride public transit? Why or Why Not?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

Going Metro Today! via Instagram

Going Metro Today!

While I am riding the bus today out of necessity — the car is in the shop — after using public transit to get around cities like London and Milan, I know there are unique advantages.

Since you don’t have to focus on driving, you notice more along your way — even when traveling in your own neighborhood. Perhaps you spot a new restaurant you want to try or a new shop.

You also get to know your fellow citizens more. The conversations I have on the bus vary widely, but they give you a better and deeper understanding of those who share this time and place with you.

If you have visitors in town, it helps to know how the metro system works so you can give them advice. It might prevent you from having to take them everywhere by car and all the complications of traffic and parking.

Finally, and most importantly for me, I get a little more exercise than I might otherwise. Since I typically have to walk from my house to the bus stop and then from my final stop to my destination traveling by bus provides a little, forced exercise. It is never too much, but just enough to get me moving and helping to fill the activity rings on my iPhone. 😀

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