The Best Bourbons for $20 and Under — Spirit Guides via The Kitchn

I’ve always had a sweet spot for bourbon as my go-to tipple, though I’ve never been one to chase the high-end of the market. Some of the most famous bourbons area unavailable no matter what the price, but I always look for something that shows off bourbon’s char and natural sweetness and goes down smoothly. I can foresee myself working my way through this list, just to expand my bourbon experience — and test out my taste buds. — Douglas

Living in Louisville comes with responsibilities; my 502 area code seems to confer with it bourbon ambassadorship. And while most of us around here just seem to have a good measure of bourbon coursing through our veins, I actually did study to become a Certified Bourbon Steward. However, being a bourbon enthusiast can get expensive, so I’ve learned how to do it without too much damage to the checking account. I’m always on the lookout for that sweet spot of price and flavor.

Here are eight favorites you’ll find on my bar — all for $20 or less. Pro tip: Serve them from a vintage crystal decanter and people will think you’re sharing your special stash.


Read The Best Bourbons for $20 and Under — Spirit Guides via The Kitchn

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