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On YouTube: Ninet: Tiny Desk Concert

March 26th, 2017

Ninet tiny desk

Bob Boilen | March 3, 2017 — Ninet rocked the Tiny Desk in ways rarely seen.

As I watched one of the most famous entertainers in Israel today here at NPR, I flashed back to a 1976 concert I saw by a not-yet-famous Joan Jett. Ninet has that same fierce and honest conviction, is walking that same path that Jett did and poised to find notoriety in this country, which she recently began to call home.

Ninet won me over during a small concert at last year’s SXSW; it was early in the day, but she was fully on fire and intense. She and her potent band have put out five albums and their most recent, Paper Parachute, is the home of the songs she brought to us. It’s filled with a her husky-toned voice and guitar lines straight out of stateside ’70s rock, with a Middle Eastern lean. It’s a winning sound, performed by an unrestrained talent.

Watch YouTube: Ninet: Tiny Desk Concert

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