Hustle while you wait – End of the Day for October 2, 2014

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Thomas Edison is quoted as saying, “Good things come to those who hustle while they wait,” and I feel like I am doing a lot of that lately. I am talking with folks, keeping my options open, investigating opportunities and trying something new every single day. It odd re-inventing yourself and it is filled with fits and starts, indecision, wrong decisions, waffling, worrying and more. All you can do is keep moving forward and keep looking for opportunities can match your needs, but also you wants and desires.

One strange thing that we are always reminded of during times like this is how slowly other people can move. When Rosanne and I decide to do something, we move forward on it almost immediately. With others, we might want wait weeks, months or even years to hear back on a book proposal. speaking engagement, business ideas, whatever. It drives us made that others don’t, won’t or can’t move things along a but faster sometimes.

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Now, as the opening line states, we don’t just sit around waiting for those things to happen. Who could? We hustle along to the next project, the next blog, the next speaking engagement, the next script, whatever. It is the only way i know to deal with the long wait times imposed by others and by the larger bureaucracies of the world. 

Let me suggest something to you, though. Something that has served us well. if you want to start something new, start it, today. Don’t wait for others. Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Once you commit to an idea, start hustling. If you’re faced with a delay, pick the next project of the stack and start that one, too. Sure, eventually some projects might become active at the same time, but the typical reality is, due to all the waiting, projects spread themselves out over time. If you simply wait while you are waiting of others to act you end up being unproductive for long periods. Why not put that time to work for you instead of constantly waiting for others?

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