Organization is so important and so few people have it – End of the Day for September 18. 2014

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Let me be the first to say that I am not perfect when it comes to organization. In fact, I think that there are many people better organized than myself. Unfortunately, there are a ton of people much less organized, too. I run into every day. Their disorganization causes a rippled effect on everyone around them. A contractor takes longer than plant because they didn’t pick up the parts (or the right parts), arrives late because they weren’t sure where they were going, has a conflict with another appointment, whatever. Suddenly, their schedule impacts mine in a huge way. What I hate the most, though, is that these people often have no idea the wrench they have thrown into the organizational “works” of everyone around them. They might even curse themselves for being disorganized, but never notice the time and energy they have cost everyone around them.

Yes, unforeseen circumstances come up every day and often through our own organization out of whack, but far more damage is done when we don’t make any attempt to foresee where things might go wrong. Here in LA, traffic is a common excuse for being late or otherwise disorganized. Surely, though, anyone who has lived in LA for more than a week knowns that traffic is bad and subject to sudden changes. This is why I use tools like Waze to keep me informed of any trips I am taking and any traffic that might effect that trip. It really isn’t that hard to do and, even someone who doesn’t want to use technology can and should build din buffers for traffic. Still, so many people don’t and I can say for myself, it frustrates the living daylights out of me. Traffic, along with weather, having gasoline in the car, having money in your pocket and otherwise being prepared are easily foreseen, easily managed, and provide major enhancements to your level of organization. For your own benefit, and everyone around you, please make an effort to foresee and control the things you can, so you only have to deal with the unforeseen.

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I could almost understand the levels of disorganization I see if we were still living in the world of paper Filofaxes, calendars, landline telephones and such, but most of us have an amazing organizational tool right in our pockets, if only we would use it. My iPhone 4S (and my Palm III, Handspring Visor, Palm Treo before it) have allowed me to be more organized than I could possible be otherwise. My calendars alone (3-5 shared calendar with Family, Business and Life calendars) would be nearly impossible to manage otherwise, Today, though, I know immediately when Rosanne or Joseph adds or changes something in our calendars and I can react accordingly. Life would be much more difficult without this one tool, Add in all the communications and information features of my phone and I have an amazing tool that helps me be much more productive than I could be otherwise.  If only others would see the power they carry around and put it to use more.

Organizing those things you can foresee and using the tools you have at hand can help you deal with the unforeseen much more gracefully. Do yourself, and everyone, a favor and spend some time organizing so you can better deal with the chaos that is bound to occur.

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