A little poetry – End of the Day for September 2, 2014

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I have been revisiting some of my older writing that sites in a folder copied from my original 20MB hard drive on my original Mac Plus. I have been spending the evenings poking around in this old “shoebox” to see what might be there that I don’t quite remember. Back in the day I wrote quite a bit of poetry. Here are 2 of my favorites from that time. 

I climbed inside some words today
     Rolled among them, felt their meaning
     Ran my hands along their round vowels
          and jagged consonants

I shifted the words around
     Made them sing, made them rhyme
     Made huge, towering sentences
     that crashed down and shattered into syllables
          at my feet

Disregarding my elders
     I play with my words
     Make them dance like angels
     on the head of a pin

Words are my toys now
     Poetry, my playground

I miss the soft falling snow
     Large, wet flakes and hard rattling pellets

I miss the silence
     All sound absorbed by the sculpted drifts
          which collect around every obstacle

I miss the squeak and crunch of shattering snow crystals
     biting, cold nights
          when your breath falls to the ground
               almost audible

I miss the uncontrolled, gleeful slides
     down small hills that collect children like the Pied Piper

I miss the view from my childhood home
     Clean, white, stretching for miles

A clean covering over pains and worries
A cool, soothing salve for the earth

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