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I was taling with a friend on Facebook today about the photographs I take a share here and on my social media accounts. Photography is interesting to me, as it I don’t see it as something I go out an “do”, but much more as a part of my life like eating, working or breathing. I have always been someone who took pictures of whatever caught my eye, no matter where I might be. I love taking photos when I travel to exotic places, but I also take many photos just walking through my neighborhood. I photography flowers, sky, water, rain, trees, streets, graffiti anything that makes me stop and notice, even for just a second. 

Years ago someone told me — and I can’t remember who — a few rules about photography. The first one was to carry a camera wherever you go. In the past, this used to be a burden, but now most of us carry a better than average camera wherever we go. Our smartphones can be amazing cameras under the right conditions and they are always with us, so why not use them to capture the world around you. Sure, you can use them for productive tasks like remembering prices, locations, what have you, but why not use them to make a little art, too.


Next, and I think the most important rule of any photography, is get close. Getting close to your subject — whether a flower, bug, plant, tree or person — gives a drama and power to any photograph and allows you to focus on what you find most important or most interesting part of your subject. Apply this rule regularly and you will find people start commenting on your photos more than ever before.

Finally, simply take more photos overall. The next time something catches you eye — take a picture. In fact, take a lot of pictures and then pick your favorite ones to share online/ Too often we simply don’t take the time (and a small amount of time, at that) to snap a picture. It often happens that these pictures are the best you take. There is something special about being “in the moment” and not having to think about these rules or any other rules. These pictures turn out so well because you are working on instinct and not getting bound up in all the things others think you MUST do to make a great photo. Sure, careful planning and execution can result in amazing photos, but sometimes turning off our brain — and all our creative insecurities — can result in great photos, too.

Carry your camera wherever you go — AND USE IT! This is the first step into taking some amazing photos of your own.

You can find over 11, 000 of my photos on my Flickr account. These include arty shots, travel photos, event photos and more. You’ll see by my example that nearly anything is a possible subject for a photo.

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